Едно издателство се престраши да поиска от правоносителите на Толкиновото наследство разрешение да издаде “Елесар”.
Оттам поискаха синопсис на книгата. Ето какво предложих:


By Lyubomir Nikolov

This is a story inspired by Tolkien’s works and especially by many obscure hints in his narrative, leaving countless open paths for guesswork, imagination and invention.
Since the beginning my primary goal was to leave behind my own personality and try to immerse myself into the far greater shadow of Tolkien’s legacy, to try to imagine and write what he could have imagined and written.

Five centuries before The War of the Ring life in the Shire is as quiet and pleasant as ever. But everything changes for young postman Galdo Quickbow when he finds in the Mathom House an old silver habergeon adorned with shining green stone.
Going home after the festivities on the night of Yule Galdo is lost in the snowy forest and meets there a group of wandering Elves. In this meeting he offers them the habergeon as a gift and is offered in return the green stone and some hints about its nature.
Maybe due to the stone’s powers spring comes early to the Shire this year. One day Galdo helps a dwarf from the Blue Mountains; this is the beginning of a peculiar friendship and the hobbit starts visiting the small dwarven colony. There he finds the great pleasure to sit in front of the fireplace, listening to old stories about the fall of Moria and the valor of Khazrin the Balrog-killer.
Late in the evening after one of these visits some strange and sinister shadow-creatures attack the young hobbit near the Far downs trying to seize the green stone. Running blindly in the dark hills Galdo eventually reaches the fortress at the Grey heavens where Cirdan’s elves offer him their hospitality.
Strangely enough, Cirdan himself shows interest for the unexpected guest. In a long conversation next evening the old elf reveals the truth about the Stone of Earendil and the nature of the dark shadows. Through the Seeing stone of Cirdan and the drowned Silmarils Galdo is shown moments from the war against the Witch-lord of Angmar; he sees the moment when fleeing from the battle the evil lord is shot by the elven-arrow of young Hobbit Pomderoy Quickbow and turns into Ringwraith.
As heir of Pomderoy, Cirdan says, Destiny has chosen Galdo for an important and dangerous task: to deliver a message summoning the five Istari to a council meeting at Gladden fields. In spite of his reluctance the Hobbit finally accepts the mission.
So Galdo starts on a long and perilous journey: at first with a group of trading dwarves to Bree where he meets Gandalf in the Quiet Pony inn; then north and east through Angmar to the Grey Mountains where he finds Saruman – still a pure-hearted wizard, friend and ally of the dwarves in their fight against dragons. In one of these fights the Hobbit and young dwarven prince are carried by a deadly wounded dragon to the Misty Mountains where the last local dwarves struggle to drive back orcs’ invasion.
Captured by orcs Galdo is rescued by a strange old creature named Salkun; this is in reality Palando, one of the Blue Wizards on a dangerous mission among the enemies.
In the village of River-hobbits on the shore of Anduin near Gladden fields Galdo finally finds shelter, hospitality and two new friends – Deagol and Smeagol. He has every reason to hope that his mission will soon come to a successful ending. But Destiny has many more astounding events and revelations in store for him: the finding of the One Ring; the clash between Salkun and Sauron; the last chance for the Dark Lord to repent; the Road of the Dead and the Secret Flame of Anor; the forging of the White Council followed by long and fruitless debates; the surprising decision of Salkun; and the greatest secret of all – the real identity of the first Ring-bearer, Gollum.
On his way back to the Shire he meets Gandalf for the last time near Rivendell and gives him the Stone of Earendil; the old wizard promises to leave it in Lotlorien under the protection of Galadriel.
This is the end of Galdo’s adventures. Under the name of Baggins he settles in the small town of Hobbitton and starts a new, long and happy life, writing in secret his memoirs. No one will see his writings until five centuries later old Mayor Sam Gamgee finds in the wall of one of the cellars a torn and scratched postman bag full of parchments…

Lyubomir Nikolov is a science-fiction and fantasy writer, Bulgarian and international award-winner, translator of all Tolkien’s works published in Bulgaria and honorary member of the Bulgarian Tolkien Society.

Не знам дали отговорът ще бъде одобрителен или ще последва традиционното “Stop and desist”. Чакам и стискам палци.

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  1. И ние стискаме, Любчо! И ние!

  2. Божо says:

    Дано да стане!

  3. Stilgar says:

    Колко често разрешават такива неща?

  4. Lubo says:

    Не съм чувал да са разрешавали. Но съм длъжен да си опитам късмета. Просто не мога да не го направя.
    Във всеки случай от много места твърдят, че е възможно, ако става дума само за издание в рамките на страната.

    • Stilgar says:

      Хмм аз бях чувал за това и си мислих, че е легално, но както изглежда толкинджиите хич не са се зарадвали:

      • Григор says:

        Че Толкин би се зарадвал на “Елесар” (“Последный кольценосец” е твърде далече от идеите му) нямам никакво съмнение. Точно както нямам никакво съмнение и че Толкиновият тръст не би се зарадвал, ако не може да издои тлъст приход от нея.

        Какво да правиш. Творците са си творци, бакалите – бакали.

  5. Siff says:

    Успех! :)

  6. Виолета says:

    Желя успех на начинанието. Много бих се зарадвала на напечатано издание на тази чудесна история (благодаря за краткия поглед към това, което предстои). Но ако не дадат разрешение от Толкиновия тръст ще има ли възможност за електронно издание? С картинки :)

  7. Фицо says:

    Дори да не те издадат, не губи ентусиазъм! Имаш фенове в България, които винаги ще те четат с удоволствие.

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